Thursday, December 18, 2008

EclipseCON 2009 Riena - EMF - oAW and more

This time I'll not only visit the eclipseCON - one of my submissions was accepted:

I'm very happy about this. This was the second really good news last time - first was at german W-Jax where I became a member of the oAW Team.

redView (Riena - EMF - Dynamic View) is a sub-project of my model-driven OSGI Enterprise Application. redView  will be Open Source (EPL). Dynamic views from redView can be used stand-alone or in combination with openArchitectureWare (oAW).  ... I'll talk more about this next weeks 

This week was a heavy update - week: 

  • OSX 10.5.6
  • MagicDraw 16.0
  • openArchitectureWare 4.3.1RC3 und RC4
  • Riena M6
  • EasyBeans 1.1.0 Snapshots
Thanks to EasyBeans - Team (they added some properties for Declarative Services) I can continue my work to switch from ServiceTracker to Declarative Servics (DS) and there'll be new blogs also coming soon.

stay tuned...

BTW: dont wonder if my submission 391 has no author. I tried to add my assistant as co-author, got an error and now the submissions has lost author and assistant. reported a bugzilla...


Flavio Donzé said...

hey ekke

Sounds like a really great project!

Is there any resource to get some more information on this (wiki, website ...)?


ekke said...


you'll find code to download first week of may at