Thursday, March 19, 2009

Using RCP Views to view UML Diagrams ?

Who doesn't know this:

You as Software Architect have listen to your business users requirements and designed such great UML diagrams - and now you present them proudly - but your business users don't understand what you designed. They couldn't imagine what all those dependencies, relations, inheritance, 0..1, 0..* mean.

What if you could generate by-magic RCP views directly from your UML model ?

...and your business users can understand what your diagrams mean and also see those little hidden secrets from properties like "length of a String" causing the RCP View to show a single line or multi-line text field ?

...or showing fields marked as index as required with yellow background ?

...or showing your Enumerations as SingleChoices or Combos ?

Utopia ?

No - this is the way to realize it:

use openArchitectureWare to generate from your UML Model Java Code, Configuration Files, EMF Models and more

use redView to auto-magically generate dynamic Views from your EMF Models
(Hint: the first 3 TabItems represent 0..1 or 1..1 associations, the last two TabItems contain a Table and represent 0..* or 1..* associations)

Curious ?

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