Thursday, January 29, 2009

Books and Conferences for Eclipse Plug-in Developers

Here are my Top 3 of new published books I'm using in my daily work of developing Eclipse Plug-ins in a model-driven way...

  • OSGI Service Compendium
  • EMF - Eclipse Modeling Framework
  • eclipse Plug-Ins

... now I only have to wait for the announced books of RCP and OSGI/Equinox - developing ;-)

Yesterday I met Eric Clayberg and Dan Rubel in munich and received one copy of their new „eclipse Plug-ins“ book. Because I couldn't wait, I already had bought it two weeks ago. Now Florian Pirchner has luck, because he'll get this one - think he can use it for his work on redView (Riena EMF Dynamic View).

Also good news for UI developers using Riena Ridgets: the integration / code generation from SWTDesigner will be better in the near future, Eric told me.


BTW: Who doesn't know: Riena is read-to-go for version 1.0. Congratulation !

We' ll also try to make it easy to insert dynamic SWT Components (generated from redView) into SWTDesigner.

Then you'll be able to design complex views using a comfortable GUI Designer and also include dynamic Components (like adress fields, ...) ... of course including databinding, Riena Markers and more.

If you're going to EclipseCon dont miss our session about redView:

And if you couldn't make it or you want to know something more  about the whole project - you can come to my session at JAX 09 / Eclipse Forum Europe 09 conference  -  OSGI Experts Day:


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