Thursday, September 11, 2008

PDE Target Platform - Rename Bundles [OSX]

Sometimes we have to add "foreign" bundles to our Target Platform where the filenames are not conform to usual Eclipse naming conventions. EasyBeans per ex. uses a minus („-“) to separate the version-number where Eclipse uses Underline („_“).

Problems using „-“ in Symbolic Names are fixed for Eclipse 3.4.1  (Bugzilla 197503). Equinox has no real problems with bundle - filenames separating versions with "-", but its a good idea to rename them. 

If you're using plug-in names in osgi.bundles of config.ini there's a difference: 

Bundle - Filenames separating the version with underline „_“ can be used without the version:

But if there's a minus „-“ you have to enter the full filename including versioning: 

s.a. Bugzilla 240018.

Of course you can integrate the renaming into your build-process, but sometimes its handy to do it manually. Under OSX the application NameChanger helps. (Freeware)

  1. Download EasyBeans Bundles, actual SNAPSHOT
  2. unzip
  3. open NameChanger
  4. Drag'n'Drop EaysyBeans Bundles into NameChanger
  5. Replace All Occurences of „-1.“ with „_1.“
  6. Click on Rename

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