Wednesday, July 2, 2008

hello planet eclipse

... perhaps someone has noticed that on monday the first time a blog from me appears at Planet Eclipse: "Eclipse Ganymede - P2 Shared Installations (Bundle Pool)"

I'm glad that I'm now listed at Planet Eclipse where I myself have learned so much from the experience of you all and I hope some of you will enjoy what I'm writing on...

I'm working as an independent software architect / business application developer since 30 years now and I'm using Eclipse since Version 2.

My actual project is a german ERP solution for small and medium sized companies of Waste & Recycling. The core of the application and also the developed openArchitectureWare cartridges will become open source (EPL).

The ERP solution is

  • model-driven (Eclipse Modeling Project, openArchitectureWare)
  • OSGI Client/Server Architecture (Equinox, Eclipse Riena, EasyBeans OSGI)
  • Business Process / Business Rules Driven (jBPM, Drools)
  • RCP Client (SWT/JFace, Eclipse Databinding, Instatiations SWT Designer)
  • ...

I'll report here about all what happens around the development of such a complex business application.

At the moment I'm fighting with P2 ;-)
...but I'm still thinking its worth to try

my blogs are also available in german