Thursday, June 12, 2008

Eclipse Riena Getting Started in Ganymede (Eclipse 3.4)

Only two weeks remaining and the next Eclipse Version 3.4 (Ganymede) can be downloaded. This time there are 24 projects together with simultan releases.

It makes sense to start working with Ganymede - but even 24 projects are only a small part of the big Eclipse universe.

So - what do I need in my project, what's not part of Ganymede:

openArchitectureWare 4.3 runs successfully under Ganymede.

EasyBeans - a "foreign" project - I already found the soution how to make it run under 3.4.

Eclipse Riena 1.0.M2 is only available (at the moment) for Eclipse 3.3.

This blog will show you how to make Eclipse Riena run under Ganymede.

The download from Riena provides a target platform containing bundles from Eclipse SDK 3.3, Equinox 3.3 and Riena 10.M2 - also some "external" (Hessian, Log4J, ...).

Please read my blog "PDE Target Platform from different locations (Bugs)" before you go on.Because of these problems we have to build the target platform „manually“ from:

  • Eclipse Platform SDK 3.4 (we're using the SDK as IDE and also as Host for the target platform)f
  • rom Equinox SDK 3.4 some bundles which are not contained in the Platform SDK
  • from Riena M2 - download all *.riena.* Bundles, Hessian and Log4J

  1. Log4J can be used from Riena distribution or from SpringSource Enterprise Bundle Repository.
  2. Problem with org.junit bundle from Platform SDK: If you followed the documentation "Riena Getting started" from Riena wiki and imported the bundle org.eclipse.riena.tests as Plug-in with Source into your workspace then you'll notice some errors, because Ganymede uses org.junit4. Please replace org.junit in project org.eclipse.riena.tests, MANIFEST.MF, Dependencies --> Required Plug-ins with org.junit4 from Eclipse Platform SDK 3.4.

If you create the following folder - structure for your target platform, then you can use my prepared Target Definition Files (see below) and easyly create your target platform.

---- fromEquinoxSDK/
-------- eclipse/
---- fromRienaM2/
-------- eclipse/

Here you can see the content of the plugins - folders:

  1. bundle org.eclipse.equinox.log.1.1.0 from Equinox 3.4 can't be used, because Riena uses a modified version org.eclipse.equinox.log.1.1.0.HEAD containing a class org.eclipse.equinox.log.Logger. Please use the HEAD version from Riena M2 and delete the bundle from Equinox 3.4 inside the folder of the target platform.

Target Definition File (2 different versions)

You can create new Target Definition files using menu File --> New --> Target Definition.

To make it comfortable I've prepared files you can download, unzip and vopy into your workspace:

riena_minimal contains only the smallest set of needed bundles to start a Riena server and to run the Riena Unit tests. Please dont forget to read the documentation Riena getting started from Riena wiki.

Please create a new variable target_riena under Preferences --> Run/Debug --> String Substitutions pointing to the root of the target platform folder.

After opening the file in your workspace you should see:

riena_minimal contains only 64 bundles instead of 126 bundles.

If you click on Set as Target Platform you can start using this target platform and easy change to another target.

Now have fun to start working with Riena 1.0.M2 under Ganymede.

One of my next blogs will show the use of Eclipse Riena together with EasyBeans in Ganymede.

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